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Risk Management Multimedia

Risk is something everyone lives with personally and professionally. You already have strategies to decrease your level of risk in everyday life. What actions can you take professionally, or as a firm, to reach acceptable levels of risk while still completing projects and moving the needle forward? Access our library of expert resources to find out.

Looking for Professional Liability Insurance?

For over 25 years, the ASCE Professional Liability Program has provided high-quality coverage to engineering professionals. As a member of ASCE, you have exclusive access to protection for your firm from negligent acts, errors, and omissions.


Real Case Studies. Practical Answers.


Engineering Reality - Arbitration vs. Litigation


Engineering Reality - Contract Provisions Requiring an Affidavit or Certificate of Merit Prior to Filing Suit—Enforceable or Not?


Engineering Reality - Does Your Firm Have a Contingency Plan in Place?


Engineering Reality – Consequences of Bargaining Away the American Rule


Engineering Reality - Threat to File a Licensing Complaint: Claim or Not?


Engineering Reality - Does a Design Professional Owe a Duty to Third Parties?


Engineering Reality - Potential Clients or Future Claimants?


Engineering Reality - Observe Carefully, Then Report


Engineering Reality - Whose Work Are You Stamping and Sealing?


Engineering Reality - What's Yours is Mine


Engineering Reality - More than Just Semantics


Engineering Reality - Are You Observing All the Rules?


Engineering Reality - Deadlines Are Meant To Sound Scary, But Don't Be Fooled


Engineering Reality - To Follow the Rules, You Need to Know the Rules


Engineering Reality - Please Reply Promptly... or Not ( Free legal assistance has been increased from 1 to 2 hours! )


Engineering Reality - Beware the Creeping Scope


Engineering Reality - You Think You Have All the Answers?


Engineering Reality - Which Statute is Not Like the Other?


Engineering Reality - License and Registration, Please


Engineering Reality - Are you Taking Chances with High Risk Projects?


Engineering Reality - To Disclose or Not to Disclose?


Engineering Reality - Don't Get Caught in the Net


Engineering Reality - Read the Fine Print


Engineering Reality - Where Does the Sidewalk Contract End?


Engineering Reality - I Don't Recall that Project


Engineering Reality - Show Me the Money


Engineering Reality - Subro-What?


Engineering Reality - I Didn't Have Enough. Do you?


Engineering Reality - Reams of Paper?

Select Risk Management Webinars

Robin Crews - ASCE eLearning Webinar shared a recording with you

What You Don't Know Can Cost You: Understanding Engineer's Professional Liability Insurance. Feb 12, 2024

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Navigating the Maze of Insurance to Protect Your Small Business

Navigating the Maze of Insurance to Protect Your Small Business August 5, 2020

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