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The possibility of being sued is a reality for all engineers. That's why securing high-quality Professional Liability Insurance coverage is crucial. As a member of ASCE, you have privileged access to the ASCE Professional Liability Program, helping to protect your firm from negligent acts, errors, and omissions.

Assess Your Level of Risk

  • Over 25 years of engineering experience
  • Exclusively endorsed by ASCE
  • Rated “A” by A.M. Best Company
  • Compensation for lost earnings
  • Optional defense coverage
  • “Prior Acts” coverage available
  • Premium financing available for qualifying firms

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ASCE Professional Liability Program Benefits

As an ASCE member, you'll enjoy many valuable program features, including:

  • Coverage limits to fit your firm’s unique needs—up to $3,000,000
  • Financial support to help offset defense costs
  • Representation by knowledgeable defense attorneys
  • Reimbursement of up to $500 per day for lost earnings
  • Automatic claims-made or optional prior-acts coverage for qualifying firms
  • Competitive rates, plus additional premium adjustments
  • Strong, secure insurance carrier
  • Access to cost-effective premium financing
  • Access to comprehensive resources at the ASCE Risk Management Hub

Innovative Features

  • Provides the per claim and aggregate limits to meet your business needs*
  • Offers expert defense counsel and financial assistance for legal costs and other claim expenses, up to limits of liability
  • Comes with an ASCE Pricing Advantage, plus up to a 10% discount at renewal for attending live seminars and webinars
  • Reimburses insured up to $30,000 for defense costs if insured engineer is brought before state licensing board—at no additional cost
  • Offers nationwide coverage—alternative placement options for firms located outside the ASCE program’s states
  • Reputation Management coverage1—reimbursement of expenses up to $15,000 of the first $30,000 in Public Relations costs
  • Privacy Breach coverage1 up to $100,000 per coverage period
  • Drone coverage1 up to $5,000 per coverage period
  • Employment Practices Liability coverage2 up to $25,000 per coverage period
  • Longevity Deductible Reduction Endorsement3 guarantees up to 50% deductible reduction (up to a max of $25,000) on the first claim during the coverage period

*Excess limits available beyond $2,000,000; call for more details. Important Note: Program not available to insure unlicensed engineers or high-exposure practice areas that involve geotechnical activities, pollution, asbestos, nuclear exposure, or products with multiple end users. Alternative placement options may be available.

1Will apply to each policy at their next renewal or if issued as new business after the changes are implemented.
2Cost and availability may vary by state after changes are implemented.
3Will be available on a case-by-case basis subject to underwriting approval and qualifying firms must be longtime, loss-free ASCE professional liability program customers.


Educate Yourself For A Free Premium Credit

If you attend one of ASCE's live in-person seminars, you may qualify for a 10% discount on your renewal (5% discount for live webinars).*

Contact the plan administrator for more information and how to claim your discount.

*Certain restrictions apply.

Benefits To Becoming A Diplomate

Your dedication to the Academies of ASCE qualifies you for a Diplomate Professional Liability rating credit. This credit is exclusive to Diplomates and could range up to 7.5%. The value of this rating credit alone may exceed your application and recertification costs.*

Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's of London recognize the value of Board Certification, knowing the Diplomate has demonstrated the mastery and use of a specialized body of knowledge, superior experience, strong ethics, and has a commitment to lifelong learning.

While our underwriters have the final decision on providing insurance after proper evaluation of your firm and its history, we will work with you to make sure you receive a fair premium and the rating credit that acknowledges your expertise, strong ethics, and commitment to excellence. For more information, contact an ASCE Professional Liability Specialist at 800.650.2723.

*Scheduled rating credits range from 1% to 7.5% calculated using the plan rating formula.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get an estimate over the phone or simply by telling you my billings?
Premium estimates are available by clicking the "Get A Premium Estimate" button. In order to receive a premium quote, an application will need to be submitted.

I have already filled out an application for my renewal/for a competitor. Do I have to fill out the ASCE application, too?
You may submit the other application for underwriting to review and offer a premium estimate. If you choose to purchase coverage through the ASCE Professional Liability Program, you will be required to complete the ASCE application form to bind coverage.

Do you offer quotes through sub-producers?
No. Because of our relationship with ASCE, we market directly to its members and do not work through sub-producers. If you have a client who is an ASCE member, please have them contact an ASCE insurance specialist at 800.650.2723 or email

May I pay using a credit card?
No. At this time, we offer two payment options: payment in full or premium financing through BankDirect Capital Finance. The general financing terms are 25% down with 8 monthly installments.

Do I have to be an ASCE member to purchase this coverage?
Yes. This coverage is a benefit for ASCE members and is not available to non-members.

Do I have to be a licensed engineer to purchase this coverage?

I am employed full-time, but want to purchase coverage for "side jobs." Do you offer that coverage?
Yes. We offer "moonlighting" coverage that will protect you for work you perform outside your full-time employment.

How long does it take to obtain a quote?
Please allow 1-2 weeks for your application to go through underwriting; however, if you are under any extenuating circumstances, please notify us of that fact, and we will do our best to expedite the process.

I am a geotechnical/environmental remediation engineer. Does your plan cover my activities?
This exposure is severe. We may have to decline coverage through the ASCE Professional Liability Program, but will attempt to place it with Pearl Insurance Solutions.

How can I learn more about the ASCE Professional Liability Program?
View the Professional Liability Brochure or contact Pearl Insurance for information about the Plan's features, cost, eligibility, renewability, limitations, and exclusions.


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