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Business Owner's Policy

Comprehensive protection of business building and business personal property is imperative to the success of every firm. The ASCE Business Owner's Insurance Policy has everything the conscientious owner is looking for.

Business Owner's Policy Benefits*

This policy includes the following features:

  • Combines business liability and property in one policy
  • Helps pay for the cost of repairing damages caused by fire and other covered losses to the business building and business personal property (which includes money and securities)**
  • Covers business personal property off premises
  • Covers physical loss or damage to computer hardware, software, and damage caused by computer viruses
  • Provides computer fraud protection
  • Property in transit covers business personal property if damaged during shipment
  • Business interruption covers temporary loss of net income after a covered loss has rendered your business inoperable

*These benefits are only available to qualifying firms and will be rewarded only for qualifying claims. An individual review will determine whether your firm is eligible for these benefits.

**Business personal property is usually property owned by the business which is movable, not affixed to, or associated with real property (land).



Engineer Business Owner Policy Worksheet (download and mail)

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