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Long-Term Care Insurance

The ASCE recognizes the significant need for long-term care planning and offers a valuable Long-Term Care Insurance Program for our members. Long-Term Care planning is essential in helping you prepare for your and your family's future.

Our Long-Term Care Insurance Program includes:

  • Special discounted rates for members—save hundreds of dollars per year
  • Same discounted rates for spouses, domestic partners, parents, and adult children
  • Comprehensive plans from multiple, highly-rated insurance carriers
  • Assistance with your questions on the program's costs and benefits through a partnership with Long Term Care Resources (LTCR), a National Network of Long-Term Care Specialists

Because of the crucial nature of Long-Term Care Insurance, we urge you to get all of the facts that are available on this product, including its benefits. Knowledge is your best defense in the fight against the high cost of long-term care and in determining if Long-Term Care Insurance is right for you.

For more information about Long-Term Care Insurance, please call the carrier, LTCR, at 800.616.8759.

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Long-Term Care Calculator

When you're trying to decide whether Long-Term Care Insurance is right for you, having an idea of the potential costs you could be facing can be helpful. Using our Long-Term Care Calculator, you can work through possible financial scenarios and receive suggestions on how to best fund your care needs.

The calculator also features:

  • Projected future cost of long-term care
  • Annual rate of return needed for investments to equal value of a Long-Term Care policy
  • Life expectancy chart
  • Break-even analysis showing number of days of care needed to recoup premiums paid

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Long-Term Care Planning Kit

We want to provide you with the information needed to help guide you through your long-term care decision. Download your free 22-page Long-Term Care Planning Kit today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Won't the Federal Government pay for my long-term care?
While many people think the federal government pays for long-term care expenses, much of nursing home expenses are paid out-of-pocket by individuals and their families. Neither Medicare, Medicare Supplement Insurance, nor the major medical health insurance provided by employers is designed to pay for long-term care expenses.

What is the cost of waiting to purchase Long-Term Care Insurance?
If you’re thinking of waiting to purchase Long-Term Care Insurance coverage, consider the impact of waiting:

  • Increases the risk of being ineligible for insurance
  • Decreases the overall time you have Long-Term Care Insurance protection
  • Can increase the overall cost of coverage because premium rates increase with age

Waiting delays your long-term care security and can cost you money.

What is the cost of Long-Term Care?
The cost of care for home healthcare services and facility care varies from state to state.


Long-Term Care Resources (LTCR) is a national insurance agency and marketing company dedicated to Long-Term Care Insurance and the senior market. LTCR represents the top Long-Term Care Insurance companies in the industry.

LTCR is one of the leading independent long-term care distributors in the country. LTCR specializes in marketing Long-Term Care Insurance through partnering with organizations such as professional associations, alumni groups, and small businesses. LTCR is the endorsed long-term care provider for over 650 affinity organizations. Founded in 1997, LTCR has helped over 400,000 affinity members with their long-term care planning needs.

Through LTCR’s marketing programs and national network of long-term care specialists, clients are able to compare multiple plans from the top carriers in the market. In addition, clients are able to obtain plans at discounted rates not available to the general public.

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